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Ceratogyrus Marshalli (Straight-horned Baboon)

Ceratogyrus Marshalli (Straight-horned Baboon)

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Ceratogyrus marshalli, commonly known as the Straight-horned Baboon tarantula or Zimbabwe Ornamental tarantula, is a recognized species of tarantula belonging to the family Theraphosidae. 

Ceratogyrus marshalli is a medium-sized tarantula species. Adult females typically have a body length ranging from 2.5 to 3 inches (approximately 6.5 to 7.5 cm), while adult males are slightly smaller, measuring about 2 to 2.5 inches (approximately 5 to 6.5 cm) in body length. The leg span of both males and females can reach up to 4 to 5 inches. Like other baboon tarantulas, Ceratogyrus marshalli has a robust and stocky build, with long legs and a distinctive horn-like protuberance on the carapace, giving it its common name "Straight-horned Baboon."

Ceratogyrus marshalli is native to Southern Africa, specifically found in regions such as Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Within their native range, they inhabit savannahs, grasslands, and other open habitats. These tarantulas are primarily ground-dwelling, creating burrows for shelter and safety. Their burrows can be found in the ground or under rocks and logs.

In the wild, Ceratogyrus marshalli is known to be a fast and defensive species, capable of delivering a painful bite if threatened.

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